Vibrating Knockout Machine Manufacturer In India

Welcome to Fab India Engineers ,one of the leading Vibrating Knockout Machine Manufactures, suppliers, and exporters in India. Our specialization lies in providing high-quality Vibrating Knockout Machines. Situated in Kagal Hatkanangale Five Star MIDC, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. Our state-of-the-art setup ensures top-notch manufacturing and delivery of our products.

The Vibrating Knockout machine is meticulously designed to segregate, categorize, and reclaim chemically bonded sands using the principle of grain-to-grain attrition. It effectively discharges metallic particles from the rear of the machine, combining mechanical attrition and shakeout functionalities for efficient sand reclamation.

Vibro Knockout Manufacturer in India

Why Choose Fab India's Vibro Knockout Machines?

High-quality and robust construction

Eliminates the need for hammering to clean castings

Removes metal supports entangled in sand lumps

Features a lump eradicator

Simple installation process

Easy removal of segregated lumps

Ensures fast separation and removal of metallic particles

Why Choose Us

Our knock-out machines are built with rigid construction to withstand the test of time and facilitate proper vibration of the molding box as per pre-determined settings. The machine operates with the help of an electric motor triggered by a Vibrometer or belt drive, generating controlled vibrations through weights placed on both sides of the spindle. The machine's grid collects sand separated from the molding box, which flows through the bottom of the plant conveyor, enhancing mold box life and preventing breakage.

Fab India offers a versatile range of equipment for the Foundry Industry. Our product lineup includes foundry ladles, sand mullers, mixers, and a range of machines for processing Green Sand and Shell Sand. Whether you need equipment for molding shell, core-making, metal handling, or resin sand preparation, we have you covered.

Vibro Knockout Machines :

Produce to the Requested Specifications

Our Vibro Knockout Machines save significant knock-out time, ensuring 100% user satisfaction and productivity at competitive rates. However, we recommend reading the user manual thoroughly and addressing any doubts before operating the machine.

Choose Fab India as your trusted Vibro Knockout Manufacturer in India and experience reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for your foundry needs.